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*** www.femmatch.com ***
A profile under my name was created on femmatch.com without my authorization.
I contacted the webmaster of this website several times asking to take my name down, but he just ignores my emails.
Recently I found out whoever created this profile now is impersonating me having online conversations through this website with fans, be aware that's not me. Do not send your contact or deposits if asked.
My advice is delete your account immediately, this a bogus website.


I have been training, strengthening, and sculpting my goddess muscles for most of my life.  Growing up I played with the boys and took great pleasure showing them up and constantly overpowering them both physically and mentally.

I am a professional player, overwhelmingly dominant, exotic, addictive, seductive, stylish and sophisticated.  A Master of beauty and power!! Prepare yourself… Once you enter into My world and are subjected to My rules, there is no coming back…

Available For:

  • Muscle/Leg/Foot Worship
  • Fantasy/Sensual Wrestling
  • Scissors Sessions
  • Fantasy Roleplay
  • Smothering Slave/Pet Training
  • Bondage
  • Domination scenarios
  • Extended Sessions

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